Dongguan KaiYuan labor dispatching co., LTD. Provide professional human resource service for you We sincerely invite enterprise labor cooperation Labor dispatching、Work for a long time,Temporary workers,Student internship send transportation, etc、
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Labor dispatching is a form of labor economy,Is conducive to human resources development
Engaged in labor dispatching LaoWuXing company is in policy and labor and social security departments at all levels to encourage、Guided and developed。Some again obtain employment service center for transformation,Have a plenty of job intermediary extension...
The necessity of specification of dongguan labor dispatching
Choose KaiYuan6The big advantage
 Wide range of business
Wide range of business
KaiYuan each township in dongguan has formed the service not only the human resources market In jiangxi province/Guangxi/In hunan province/Guangdong, a talent training base, etc
Industry outstanding enterprises
Industry outstanding enterprises
In human communication and configuration、Training、Labor dispatching management, and other fields have rich experience
Have cooperative relations with many enterprises
Have cooperative relations with many enterprises
KaiYuan with each township in dongguan、In the、Small enterprises established good relations of cooperation
One-on-one services
One-on-one services
Has long been KaiYuan attentively service customers,Develop a set of perfect management system,Quick and easy to help customers solve the problem of labor dispatch
We have a solid strength
We have a solid strength
Dongguan has“Employee dispatching(Employee leasing)”Legal operating qualified hr service agency business
KaiYuan dispatching professional human resource service
KaiYuan dispatching professional human resource service
Human resources development/Labor dispatching/Property management/Personnel agency/Joint ventures/Employment practice management and so on is a body comprehensive services unit
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       Dongguan KaiYuan labor dispatching co., LTD for the employers to provide all-round professional human resource service,Make the enterprise from the heavy complicated work personnel management,Maximum reduce enterprise burden,To save cost and reduce the enterprise human resources management,KaiYuan labor dispatching co., LTD., to build a harmonious enterprise and worker、Stability of Bridges,Make the enterprise concentrate on concentrate on improving management,To strengthen the enterprise market competitiveness,Improve enterprise economic benefits。   

      In dongguan KaiYuan labor dispatching co., LTD“People-oriented、The good faith management、Professional services、The management idea of sincere cooperation,In order to“Based on the dongguan,Facing the whole country,For the purpose of the service,Adhere to customer demand-oriented,Efforts to build human resources intermediary consulting、Rental service integration training and human resources、Scientific professional business model,The pursuit of the company's sustainable development。 The service hotline000000-00-0-0-0-076aa0008991 9240

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